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About Prince and Cub

My name is Melissa, the owner of Prince and Cub, and I live in Proserpine, the beautiful Whitsunday Region in QLD, with my husband and three young children. Prince and Cub started in July 2017, when my middle child was 9 months old because I wanted to offer other mothers in my region a chance to touch and feel Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) but also help anyone that was needing help with fitting or absorbency issues. Up until May 2019 Prince and Cub’s nappies were imported from China. A decision was made in the second half of 2018 to swap over to making them myself for a better quality and better fitting MCN since my very petite daughter couldn’t get a good fit in the imported nappies.

The change over to handmade resulted in original three different sizes being born, the Minikin, our slim fitting nappy perfect for slim figures, the Maximus (formerly called OSFM), our large and bulky nappy perfect for the roll polly baby, and our Pull-ups, a self drafted pattern that can be used as training pants, a day nappy or as a night time solution for older kids that have day trained but still need something for night use. In 2021, both the Minikin and Maximus sizes where retired to make way for my new self drafted One Size Fits Most MCN, the Stellar, plus we also introduced a Newborn nappy.

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Prince and Cub has been a proud member of the Australian Nappy Association (ANA) since 2018.

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Eco Friendly Living Store

Prince and Cub isn’t just nappies but also an eco friendly living store. I want to offer everyone the chance to be able to reduce their household waste to help limit the amount of rubbish going into landfill. Some of our eco living products that everyone can use within their house include:

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