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Large Wet Bags

Our large wet bags are handmade by me here in the Whitsunday’s. It measures approximately 40 cm x 43 cm .

Our wet bags are made from high quality PUL, that is also used in our Modern Cloth Nappies and our Breast Pads.

Wet bags are extremely versatile and have a wide range of uses, plus they are completely reusable! They are the perfect alternative to a single use plastic bag. Some uses include (but not limited to):

      • Storing wet & soiled nappies
      • Storing clean nappies
      • Library Bag
      • Swimming bag
      • Gym Bag
      • Storing dirty clothes
      • Spare change of clothes
      • Reusable nursing pads or cloth pads, clean or used.
      • Storing Toys
      • Grocery Bag

Plus many more!

Our Large Wet Bags can hold between 10 -14 nappies, or 1 adult swimming towel plus 2 kids swimming towels and swimmers.

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