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Small Wet Bags

Our small wet bags (formerly known as mini wet bags) are handmade here in the Whitsunday’s and measure approximately 15 cm x 18 cm **.

All of our wet bags are made from high quality PUL, that is used in our Modern Cloth Nappy range.

  • Measures 15 cm x 18 cm
  • Zipper enclosure for easy opening and containing smells
  • Machine washable

Wet bags are extremely versatile and have multiple uses. Plus, they are completely reusable! A wet bag can be used for anything that a single use plastic bag is used for!

Uses for the small wet bags include:

  • Wet & soiled nappy
  • Pre-wet cloth wipes
  • Reusable nursing pads, clean or used.
  • Mamma cloth pads, clean or used.
  • Storing small toys
  • Dummy Storage – makes it super easy to find them in the middle of the night!
  • Organising your handbag/nappy bag
  • Make up Bag

Our small wet bag can store 1 rolled up cloth nappy, or alternatively, several pairs of breast pads or cloth pads.

**Size may vary slightly due to the nature of being handmade. Colours of prints may vary slightly from true colours due to screens and monitors.**

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