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Stainless Steel Pegs

Prince and Cub’s reusable marine grade stainless steel clothes  pegs are from 316 marine grade stainless steel. This makes them perfect for Australian conditions since they are resistance to rust and corrosion and they don’t feel hot when they have been on the clothes line all day! The best thing about these marine grade stainless steel clothes pegs, they won’t EVER break, you will never need to replace your pegs again! There is nothing more frustrating then plastic pegs always breaking, especially in harsher weather conditions such as the tropics.

We have two different sized pegs available, Regular and Large.

Regular: 1.7mm in diameter by 58mm in length. These pegs are perfect for every day clothing items.

Large: 2mm in diameter by 76mm in length. The large pegs are perfect for your bulkier washing like blankets, quilts and towels.

Each pack of pegs comes in a convenient cotton carry bag.

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