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Nappy Inserts, Liners and Boosters

We have a lovely range of cloth nappy inserts, boosters and microfleece nappy liners available that are handmade here in Australia using top quality materials.

All of our nappy inserts and boosters have 2 layers of 500gsm bamboo topped with super soft cotton velour. The combination of 500gsm bamboo and velour makes these nappy inserts super absorbent.

Our bamboo hemp night time booster set is handmade by us in the Whitsunday’s. The Booster Set contains one bamboo trifold and one three layer bamboo insert. The trifold is made from 2 layers 340 gsm Bamboo Hemp and topped with the cotton velour. The triple inserts is made from 2 layers of 340gsm bamboo hemps and a middle layer os 500 gsm bamboo terry and topped with cotton velour.

Our microfleece nappy liners have been handmade to fit perfectly inside of our Modern Cloth Nappies. To use, simply place the liner on top of the nappy. They act as a stay dry layer between bub’s skin and the nappy. They also help to avoid staining the nappies most inner layer.

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