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Premium Reusable BBQ Grill Mat Twin Pack


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This pack contains 2 * Reusable BBQ Grill Mat

Reusable BBQ Grill Mat

Are you tired of having to scrub your BBQ every time you go to use it? Or is your food sticking to the grill? We have a solution for you, keep your BBQ clean easier with our reusable BBQ mat! No more spending hours trying to get the BBQ clean. You just need to simply wipe the mat clean after you have finished, like you would when hand washing your dishes or even place it in your dishwasher. Not only does it help to keep you BBQ clean but it also stops you food from sticking to the grill. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Black Colour
  • Made from food grade safe PTFE (Teflon) coated fiberglass fabric, 100% non stick surface.
  • Can withstand Temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Measure 33 cm * 40 cm.
  • 0.4 mm thick, thicker than most other mats available.
  • Perfect for marinated food

Our mats are SGS, and FDA approved and certified ROHS and PFOA free.

How many times can the reusable BBQ grill mat be used?

Depending on both how they are used and cared for, the mats can last anywhere between 200 to 500 times.

What is the difference between your reusable baking mats and the BBQ grill mats?

Our baking mats are ideal for the oven since they are only 0.13 mm thick whereas the BBQ grill mats are 0.4 mm thick. The extra thickness off the BBQ grill mats mean the heat can’t be as evenly distributed within an oven setting. Our BBQ Grill mats are black in comparison to the baking mats to ensure they are easy to recognise.

Do you sell bigger packs?

Our BBQ Grill mats can also be purchase in a single pack or in a mix pack with a baking mat.

Do you wholesale?

If you are interested in wholesaling or being a stockist for our baking mats please send us an email at info@princeandcub.com.au


Do not let the mat come in direct contact with any flames or directly touch any heating elements. Please do not sharply fold the mat or use sharp objects or utensils on it, you may cause damage to the mat.

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 40 × 33 × .0013 cm


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