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Bamboo Hemp Night Time Booster Set


Prince and Cub’s bamboo hemp night time booster set is handmade by us in the Whitsunday’s. The Booster Set contains one bamboo trifold and one three layer bamboo insert. The trifold is made from 2 layers 340 gsm Bamboo Hemp and topped with the cotton velour. The triple inserts is made from 2 layers of 340gsm bamboo hemps and a middle layer os 500 gsm bamboo terry and topped with cotton velour.

The three layer insert measuring approximately 11cm x 33cm** and our trifold measures approximately 30cm x 33cm**. When the trifold and insert are combined it provides you with 9 thirsty layers of bamboo and hemp! If for some reason this still doesn’t seem to be enough, simply add another insert into the trifold.

Please remember that it can take a few washes for the bamboo to increase it’s absorbency.

**Sizes may vary slightly due to being handmade.
Please note, it may take between 1 to 2 weeks for us to make these inserts if we do not have them in stock.


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Bamboo Hemp Night Time Booster Set
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