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Stellar Double Row Sweet Mama


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The Stellar is a beautiful handmade nappy that features an inner gusset as well as a double pocket. This Modern Cloth Nappy (MCNs) fits from approximately 3.5 kg until 20 kg (toddler).

This is a double row waist snapped Stellar.

The Stellar features:

  • PUL (Waterproof) Out Layer
  • Suede Cloth Inner
  • Inner Gusset for extra protection
  • Dual opening pocket
  • Fold over Anchor Insert made from 2 layers of 500 GSM bamboo and topped with cotton velour
  • Booster Insert made from 2 layers of 500 GSM bamboo and topped with cotton velour

Why is there two pocket openings? It is made with two pockets since there is nothing worse then trying to remove the insert from the pocket when the opening has become covered. This allows you to able to cleanly extract the insert by giving you a choose of openings. It also makes it easier to place the insert inside of the pocket since you can just pull it straight through from one opening to the next.

How do I wash the Nappies? After a nappy has been used, rinse and dry pail it. Do a warm pre-wash in your washing machine, which is your shortest cycle, approximately 30 minutes, with one scoop of washing powder. After the pre-wash, do a warm main wash on you longest cycle using a ‘heavy’ load amount of washing powder, this load can be bulked up with other clothing items. Hang covers to dry, inserts can be tumbled dry or line dried. Do not soak, bleach or dry clean the nappy covers.


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