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Why should you buy Australian Made Nappies?

Australian made nappies can sometimes be harder to find so why should you buy them over China made nappies? There are a number of reasons why buying Australian made nappies over China made nappies is better.

1. Supporting a small business.

By purchasing an Australian Made Modern Cloth Nappy (MCNs), you are supporting a small Australian business. This small business is generally supporting their own family, so you in turn are helping to support another Australian family put food on their plate and a roof over their heads. This is instead of helping a CEO from a multi-corporate company get another holiday or a bonus. 

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2. Supporting the Australian Economy.

By purchasing Australian made MCNs, you are keeping your money within Australia, therefore generating more income nationally which helps to create more jobs. Most Australian Made MCN businesses purchase from a number of Australian suppliers, so by purchasing from an Australian Made nappy company you are supporting numerous other small Australian businesses.

3. Higher Quality products.

Australian made MCNs are commonly made in a home setting by either one person or a small group of people. This why Australian Made nappies are often called WAHM nappies since they are Work at Home Makers. It means that one person is highly accountable for the quality of the item. When products are made in a factory, they are created in a product line and passed through multiple people so the accountability for quality control is not as present.

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4. Improved Customer Service 

Customer service from an Australian made nappy is commonly set to a higher standard. Since we make the products we commonly try to go above and beyond to help our customers. Without you, our customers, we don’t have a business so we need to look after you.

Prince and Cub nappies have been proudly Australian Made and Owned since 2019, operating since 2017. We also have a large range of Australian Made eco friendly products for our eco store.

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